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Your gift on our secure site provides students with life-changing opportunities and faculty with the resources to make a difference. The SCH Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  We greatly appreciate your generosity.

Together we win

The Sunrise experience depends on the philanthropic support of alums, parents, and fans like you who know first hand what the Sunrise Christian Hoops (SCH) program means and understand the positive impact of Sunrise graduates across the country and around the world have on their community. 


Your gift to Sunrise Christian Hoops Foundation (SCHF) makes a difference each year and is especially significant now as we navigate the situation like any other in our history. For this reason, please consider making a gift at this time. Our Seniors will tell you that their experience as a student-athlete is life-altering.


  • 90% of graduates pursue higher education (281 athletes)

  • 90% of those have full-ride scholarships (including academic, arts, and athletic)

  • Average GPA of student-athletes 3.2

  • 71% of athletes come from impoverished communities

  • 40% of athletes are international (Mali, Columbia, Egypt, China, and more)

  • Over 50% of alumni continue a career involving sports; coaching, playing, physical therapy, and so on.


  • Ranked top five for four years consecutively

  • 4 Professed faith in Jesus Christ (2020)

  • 87 Division I student-athletes

  • 2 National Geico Championship appearances (2019, 2020)


  • 1 NBA First-round draft pick (Buddy Hield)


  • 2015 Head coach of the year post-grad teams


  • Twice Nominated Naismith Coach of the Year


  • The head coach is ranked in top 5 Coaches in the USA

Our staff at SCH are working diligently to provide a rigorous and engaging academic and athletic program that is both safe and supportive for our athletes. As the Director of Giving, I speak on behalf of the entire staff when I say that we are exerting every creative and constructive effort to give the next generation and their families the best that we can offer. 


SCH is getting national attention and is the best high school basketball program in the country. We are so inspired to see the breadth and depth of the talent passion intelligence and thoughtfulness the athletes share with the world, every day.


While so much around us is unpredictable, one thing remains certain. An experience at Sunrise makes a profound and lasting impact. This year, like every year, SCH is committed to:


  • Creating an experience that nurtures faith in Jesus Christ, love of learning, excellence in athletics.

  • Supporting a growing staff committed to helping players discover and develop their calling, passions, and strengths.

  • Helping players mature into world leaders, influencers, and contributors.

  • Attracting a truly diverse and international community.

  • Making Sunrise education more affordable for a greater number of athletes by awarding $252k in tuition aid annually.


Please know that if you decide to give to the Sunrise Christian Hoops Foundation it is an investment in God's kingdom.


Four student-athletes professed faith in Jesus Christ (20-21')

Over 1/2 of our student-athletes make a decision for Christ in the program

90% of student-athletes continuing in their education have a full ride (including academics, arts, and athletics)

None of this is possible without the faithful and generous support from people who believe in what God is doing through this program.



All gifts are income tax-deductible (85-3460196) to the full extent of the law. 


Thank you for considering Sunrise Christian Hoops as you carefully steward your resources.


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