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Reinventing Basketball

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

There is an eastern proverb that says, the glory of a king is his people.

That could not more true that at Sunrise Christian. The Elite basketball team is nothing without the players who lay down their lives, preferences, titles, and worldly identities and take on the challenge of becoming who they know they are made to be.

These are my brother.” - Zach Clemence, Senior, committed to University of Kansas.

The process of transformation is a painful one. It displaces what already has taken root out and replaces it with a seedling. With nurturing, this seed grows into the thoughts, words, and the actions of the student-athletes at Sunrise. Coach Barnwell is a gardner at work, curating an environment suitable for seeds of excellence to flourish and mediocrity and selfishness to diminish.

This year more than any other players faced adversity with weather, COVID-19, travel restrictions, school closures, and family tragedies. They deserve to tell their story. We want to honor them for their amazing sacrifice. They are:

  • Kenny Pohto

  • Kendall Brown

  • Zach Clemence

  • Steven Tsu

  • Kennedy Chandler

  • Jaden Akins

We love you all and know you will change the world every sphere God places you in.

"Sunrise Christian Hoops is unlike any program in the country because it is serving a greater purpose than money or glorification of self." - Coach Barnwell

Special thank you to the staff and administrators of Sunrise Christian academy who have invested countless hours, prayers, and resources into the maturation of these young men.

This post was made possible by the generous contribution of Keystone Solid Surfaces.

"We couldn't do it without you."

Coach Barnwell

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