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Putting Pen to Paper

By: Steven Pham

Photos by: Kobi Russom

Wichita, KS. - Today is national signing day for student-athletes in basketball. Last season, four Sunrise Elite team players signed with universities; Kendall Brown (Baylor), Zachary Clemence (Kansas), Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee), and Kenny Pohto (Minnesota) but transferred to Wichita State. This season the Elite team once again has four players that officially signed to their respective universities.

Those four players include Cam Corhen (Florida State), Dillon Hunter (Baylor), Bobi Klintman (Maryland), and Gradey Dick (Kansas). Hunter will join former Sunrise star Kendall Brown and Dick will reunite with his former teammate Zach Clemence.

Corhen committed to Florida State University in September. He enjoys the beautiful Florida weather but also admires the program they have built and the consistent history of developing NBA-caliber players. “The amount of pros they had at my position or just the players that look like me, have the same type of build as me, and body type,” Corhen said. “Just getting them to the pros rapidly, I like that.”

The first commitment for Baylor’s 2022 class, Hunter verbally committed to Baylor University at the beginning of 2021. “The main decision was based on the family vibe, coaches, and being a group of guys coming together to play good basketball,'' Hunter said. “That’s really what coach Drew told me coming in, he said we are all going to play basketball together, have fun even outside of basketball, and make sure it was a family atmosphere.”

Klintman committed to the University of Maryland in October. “The coaching staff was really good and the fit played a big role as to why I chose Maryland,” Klintman said. “I think they play the way I like to play. When I was on a visit, I felt like the team had really good chemistry. I feel like I’m going to have a good time developing as a player and person with them.”

Dick is originally from Wichita and being close to the University of Kansas ultimately influenced his decision “I grew up going to Lawrence and going to the KU games,” Dick said. “It eventually turned into being recruited pretty early. We built a relationship early and constantly going there made me feel comfortable.”

Today we celebrate these brilliant players. These four young men have officially signed to their respective universities for the 2022 basketball season. As the season progresses there will be more commits from other players on the team. Stay up to date with the team and players on our blog as the season progresses.

Sunrise’s next game will be this Saturday, November 13th at 3 p.m. against Universal Academy at home. Skip the line and purchase tickets before the Universal game or any future home games here! If you miss or cannot attend a home game, be sure to tune in on our livestream coverage on our YouTube. Stay on the lookout for a Universal Academy game preview before this Saturday.

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