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Opponents: TACA Academy/OKC Prep (Senior Night)

Updated: Feb 20

By: Steven Pham 

Graphic by: Jon D’Angelo 

Wichita, KS. - #16 Sunrise Christian Academy (18-6) is on a five-game winning streak and is looking to add two more this upcoming week. These are the last two home games of the season for Sunrise. Both nights will have special events and honors for the players. 

Game #1: vs. TACA Academy 

Sunrise will take on TACA Academy this Thursday, February 23rd at 6:30 p.m. McDonalds will be honoring Matas Buzelis for his All-American notch after the game. 

TACA is based in DeSoto, TX. and is led by head coach Ani Umana. The roster includes; DarKaun King, TJ Burch, Croix Cox, Ty Cox, Bishop Jones, Braeden Jordan, Luke Oxford, Kevin Paul, Razi Taylor, and DJ Williams. 

King has arguably been their best player this season and has played his best stretch of the season this past week. TACA has multiple players that can get to double-figures in scoring and are a well-balanced team. 

Game #2: vs. OKC Prep

Sunrise takes on OKC Prep this Friday, February 24th at 6:30 p.m. Sunrise will be honoring our seniors for senior night after the game. 

OKC Prep is based in Oklahoma City, OK. and is led by head coach Kurt Talbott. The roster includes; Ethan Charleston, Greg Booker, Corbin Hamilton, Trey Morgan, Joseph Cipriano, Juanito Gabriel, Landon Parker, Ashton White, Isreal Fugett, Kasenn Dollar, Austin Bacy, Zayden Best, Lael Eddens, Jacori Hugg, Braedon Everage, and Marcus Jones. 

Sunrise is honoring eight seniors; Miro Little, Layden Blocker, Jamisen Young, Scotty Middleton, Matas Buzelis, Joe Zhang, Mykolas Ivanuaskas, and Almar Atlason. 

Come out and support Buzelis and his All-American honor, senior night, and the last two home games of the season. To buy tickets for both games online, click here. To catch the live stream, click here

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