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Opponents: SDA Preview (Senior night)

By: Steven Pham

Graphic by: Ryan Deppen

Wichita, KS. - No. 1 Sunrise Christian Academy will host Shaun Dumas Academy (SDA) for the last home game of the season this Friday, February 25th at 7 p.m. This Friday will be a night of celebration for all of our seniors and a special surprise.

SDA is a new school and program from Metairie, LA in its first season. It was founded and is led by head coach Shaun Dumas. They are currently 17-3 on the season and will be tested this Friday in their biggest match of the season.

SDA roster includes; Santana Jolla, Jordan Moore, Alexzaye Johnson, Me’Khai Taylor, John Kelly, Jovanni Perez, Isiah Stevens, Aumad Hackett, Derek Burditt Jr., Pat Lonzo, Wendell Hampton, Jamal Moore, Kyran Ratliff, and Anthony Lewis.

After the game, Sunrise will be honoring their 10 seniors this season; Gradey Dick, Mark Mitchell, Bobi Klintman, Dillon Hunter, Cam Corhen, Valentino Pinedo, Jerome Beya, Boubacar Keita, Armaan Bhakta, and Noah Pick. Thank you Class of 2022 for being spectacular on and off the court!!!

Come out and support our seniors and watch the boys play before they head onto nationals. Tickets for the game can be purchased here. The live stream will be on our YouTube channel.

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