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National Interscholastic Basketball League

Sunrise Christian Hoops is pleased to announce participation in the National Interscholastic Basketball League. The league play will commence in January of 2021 in Springfield, VA. Joining Sunrise Christian are:

  • Montverde Academy (FL)

  • Wasatch Academy (UT)

  • Oak Hill Academy (VA)

  • Legacy Early College (SC)

  • La Lumiere (IN)

  • Hamilton Heights (TN)

  • Bishop Walsh (MD)

This is a tremendous opportunity to play top talent from around the country with other programs with real substance. Additionally, this is a form of accountability to protect players, who are still high school students. The NBA will soon be given access to this talent pool, which will increase exposure and demand for representation for these amateur athletes. It is important to set up an environment that continues to promote a commitment to academic excellence.

Montverde is ranked No. 1 in several preseason polls, Sunrise Christian at No. 3, La Lumiere at 8, Wasatch at 11, and Oak Hill at 12.

Coach Barnwell said, "We are honored to be part of the new league... and think it is going to do a lot for the game of basketball and the young man who participates in it as we look back in the future."

Some of the best players in the country attend these programs. Including 8 of the best 75 seniors in the country, including:

  • No. 7 Caleb Houston, SF (MVA)

  • No. 10 Kennedy Chandler, PG (Sunrise)

  • No. 20 Kendall Brown, SF (Sunrise)

  • No. 23 Langston Love, SG (MVA)

  • No. 28 Nolan Hickman, PG (Wasatch)

  • No. 31 Zach Clemence, C (Sunrise)

  • No. 44 DaRom Holmes, C (MVA)

  • No. 63 Jaden Akins, PG (Sunrise)

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