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MIAT Roundup

Sunrise Hoops is committed to helping each athlete thrive holistically. Never before have we seen young adults maintain composure under such difficult circumstances. Every learner maintains an average of 3.2 GPA to stay eligible to practice and play. They are tested for COVID-19 on game days and adhere to the distancing policy outlined by local, regional, and national guidelines throughout the week. On behalf of the Sunrise Christian Hoops Foundation and Sunrise Christian Academy, we are so proud to play a role in developing the next generation of Christian leaders.

Sunrise Christian Elite boys basketball team had an intense schedule during MIAT. Here is a round-up of their time in Florida:


La Lumiere SCA Win LL

77 53

Sunrise Christian Hoops . Lu Lumiere
Download PDF • 92KB


Wasatch SCA Win WA

85 70

Sunrise Christian Hoops v. Wasatch
Download PDF • 92KB


Arizona Compass SCA Loss AC

47 50

Sunrise Christian Hoops v
. Arizona Compa


Oak Hill SC WIN OH

84 66

Sunrise Christian Hoops v. Oak Hill
Download PDF • 90KB


Montverde Academy SC WIN MVA

69 66

Sunrise Christian v. Montverde report
Download PD • 92KB


Calvary Christian SC WIN CC

61 54

Stats are not yet available...

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