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Game Recap: Colorado Prep & PG

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

By: Steven Pham

Photos by: Carter Lange

Wichita, KS. - Sunrise opens up the season 2-0 after taking down Colorado Prep and their post-grad team. Sunrise showcased its depth of talent this past weekend in dominant fashion.

Game #1: vs. Colorado Prep

The Sunrise starters were Layden Blocker, Scotty Middleton, Miro Little, Matas Buzelis, and John Bol. This will be the usual starting five barring any injuries or changes.

1st Half

Both teams started off the game with poor shooting and sloppy turnovers. Sunrise settled in and turned Colorado Prep’s turnovers into quick transition points. Mikel Brown came off the bench with an immediate impact. He had 6 points and gave Sunrise a much-needed spark to push Sunrise’s lead to 15-4 after the first quarter.

Sunrise started pulling away in the second quarter going on numerous runs led by Buzelis and then Blocker. Buzelis and Blocker both had 9 points in the quarter. Buzelis led Sunrise on a run to open the second quarter and Blocker led Sunrise on a run to end the quarter. That helped Sunrise pull away with a 20 points lead at halftime.

2nd Half

Sunrise extended their lead in the second half and kept pulling away. One of the bright spots for Colorado Prep was Baye Ndongo. He kept Colorado Prep afloat from start to finish and showed flashes of his slashing ability. Sunrise was in cruise control and subbed in their bench unit for the rest of the game. Sunrise won 83-52.

Game Stats

Sunrise shot 32-57 (56%) from the field, 11-23 (48%) from three, and went 8-16 (50%) from the line. They had 31 total rebounds, 5 offensive, and 26 defensive. They had 20 assists on 32 made shots. Sunrise forced 6 steals and had 5 blocks.

Brown and Buzelis had 19 points each. Buzelis shot 7-10 (70%) from the field and 2-2 (100%) from three. He had 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 blocks, and a steal. Brown shot 7-10 (70%) from the field and 5-7 (71%) from three. He had 2 rebounds and 2 assists. Blocker had 16 points on 6-11 shooting (54%) and 3-5 from the line (60%). He had 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and a block.

Game #2: Colorado Prep PG

Sunrise won 86-53 against Colorado Prep PG. Sunrise started this game much better with more efficient shooting and controlled the tempo from the start. This game was similar to the first game with Blocker and Buzelis leading the way but with the help of Middleton, Little, and Almar Atlason this game. Once again there was one player on the opposing team that gave Sunrise problems and this time it was Aliou Diallo. Diallo found some openings in the lane and hit some shots to keep Colorado Prep PG from a larger deficit.

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