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Bret Michael, Strength & Assistant Coach

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

We are elated with joy to announce a new member of our team. Bret Michael has been part of the Sunrise family since 1994. I sat down with Bret to ask him more about his recent decision to join the team and here is what he had to say,

Question: Bret, why do you love Sunrise?

"I first came to Sunrise in 1994 for preschool. I have loved it since I first arrived."

Question: What sets this program apart from others like it?

"The people set it apart. After being around it for over twenty years, it's a place that lives our its motto, educating for time and eternity through through the daily lives of the faculty, staff, parents, and students."

Question: How do you see the Sunrise family growing with your involvement full-time?

"I am freed up to help each team member grow in their greatest need; speed, strength, agility... Ultimately, I see my contribution broadening the platform these players. At Sunrise players and students grow holistically; spiritually, athletically, academically, and relationally. I want to contribute to that growth."

Question: What would you like to say to former players, family members, and fans?

"I was at Sunrise when we found Buddy Hield in 2010. I think he said he lived in a one-bedroom house with twelve other people. Once he arrived at Sunrise, he just worked harder than everyone else. He had a way of motivating himself in the weight room. He would grit through the pain and use self talk to motivate him. He was playing for his family back home to have a chance to know a different kind of life.

I remember one away game we lost and he slept on the floor in the hotel room because he said, 'I don't deserve this bed tonight.'

In Buddy's instance, there was no plan B. He had one option for changing his life and it was through basketball. I realized through working with players like him that there is this strategic window between the ages of 14 and 18 where young men are so impressionable. I can help instill confidence and competence that changes their life and the trajectory of their families.

I understand the true cost of getting where we are. Blood, sweat, and tears built this program and I understand this and never want to take it for granted. I am striving every day to uphold the standards that brought us this far all the while keep expanding our efforts to take the program to the next level. I want to be a positive influence on the next generation. I want my life to help others maximize their impact through forming daily habits like; discipline, morals, faith, not letting small things slide, truthfulness with each other and ourselves.

I believe this program will be around for a long time continuing to churn out world class men and basketball players."

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