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Austin Smith, Donor relations & Advancement

Thank you for your interest in Sunrise Christian Hoops. I am so honored to be joining this team of virtuous leaders.

Sunrise is a place where the substance of excellence, character, and spirituality intersect to produce a culture of greatness.

When I was first introduced to Sunrise I could hardly believe a place like this still existed. It is a place like none other. Over the last five years, I have been investing in the team regularly and sometimes even traveling with them. I have seen first hand how the staff cultivate excellence and how those players go on to have significant impact in higher education or professionally.

A lot of people ask me, "what do you do?" My role is to steward relationships connected to the Hoops foundation. The foundation was established after careful thought and prayer with Sunrise Academy. The emphasis of the Hoops Foundation is narrower in scope than Sunrise Christian Academy but complementarian. Without Sunrise Academy there would be no Hoops. Without Hoops, Sunrise Academy would not be what it is today. We are truly blessed to be at the epicenter of one the nations best basketball, performing arts, and educational institutions in the country.

I have the privilege of letting people know the truth about what is happening at Sunrise and the incredible impact it is making.

If you feel so inclined to reach out, I’ll buy coffee or lunch.

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