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Our mission is to advance the lives of young men and the kingdom of God through Christian academics, athletics, and basketball.


Basketball is used to teach countless faith and life lessons as we all pursue the greatest version of ourselves. We serve the world’s youth from ages 14-18 years old and we know basketball gives them a platform from which to lead and influence the world for Christ. We do it through a daily approach to maximizing the gifts God has given us by trying as hard as we can while lifting the brother up next to you.

our story

Founded in 1983, by Dr. Robert Lindsted, Sunrise Christian Academy started as a grade school emphasizing academic excellence and Biblical teaching. The school began with one teacher and six students. Over the years it has grown to include over 500 students on a campus spanning 18 acres. In 1991, Dr. Lindsted took his first trip to the former Soviet Union and his heart was stirred as he saw the conditions of the country and the people's spiritual hunger for God's Word and thus "Milk & Honey Ministries" was formed. One of his greatest concerns in the last thirty years has been to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to countries with an open door. In recent years, the ministry has taken another step by helping to start International Christian Schools. These schools use the Bible as their main textbook, and are an excellent way to spread the Gospel. One of the schools is run by Rob's daughter Pam and her husband Zama in the military dictatorship of Burma (now called Myanmar). The school has grown to over 450 students. Most are from Buddhist families. We truly believe that these kids will eventually win Burma for Christ! Several new schools were opened recently in Haiti! Milk & Honey Ministries is currently involved with the countries of Romania, China, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Haiti, Israel, Niger, and Brazil. 

Kyle Lindsted, one of Dr. Lindsted's sons, took the ministry a step further, incorporating athletics to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

Discipleship- Athletics is all about discipleship. Coaches have a unique opportunity to influence the spiritual life of an athlete. We take that privilege and responsibility seriously.


Good works - Athletics have and will continue to provide Sunrise students with a platform to glorify God and “shine as lights” for team mates, opponents, and spectators all over the globe.


Teamwork - contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Effort - pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Integrity - winning and losing with character does not come naturally! It has to be taught. Our desire is to partner with parents and mentor our young people through this process.


Health- developing habits of exercise while young that will promote a healthy lifestyle for years to come


To produce leaders of thought, character and faith through pursuing excellence in academia, athletics, and Jesus Christ.

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Student Life

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