Our mission is to advance the lives of young men and the kingdom of God through Christian academics, athletics, and basketball.


Basketball is used to teach countless faith and life lessons as we all pursue the greatest version of ourselves. We serve the world’s youth from ages 14-18 years old and we know basketball gives them a platform from which to lead and influence the world for Christ. We do it through a daily approach to maximizing the gifts God has given us by trying as hard as we can while lifting the brother up next to you.



Over 35 years ago Dr. Lindsted had a vision to reach nations closed to the gospel and western missionaries with the good news of Jesus Christ.

He believed that academics was the roadway to transformation of the individual and eventually a nation. He had the foresight to see that people in the majority world wanted western education. Dr. Lindsted started his flagship school in Bel Aire, Kansas with just a few trailers and Bubbles, the Sunrise official mascot Buffalo.


Lindsted's focus and passion for the nations never swayed. He and his team successfully opened over 25 schools in developing nations and third world countries. Including Burma, Jamaica, China, and more.


Kyle Lindsted, one of the founders sons. took the vision further, incorporating athletics to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Kyle began a basketball team that flourished with players from (Bahamas, Brazil, China), including Zach Brown (Wichita State Shocker). 


Kyle's commitment to character formation, athleticism, and spiritual maturity created a strong foundation for the program.


In 2012 Luke Barnwell interned with Kyle Lindsted. Kyle handed the program into Luke's hands after accepting a job at Wichita State University. Coach Barnwell continues to successfully steward the vision passed down to him. 


Coach Barnwell is commitmented to producing leaders of thought, character, faith, and athleticism which has created a vacuum that attracts people of excellence. 


Notably, players of division I, NBA players like Ron Baker, Buddy Hield, and Dante N'Faly are just a few you might see coach Luke training on and off the court.

Core Values

Discipleship- Athletics is all about discipleship. Coaches have a unique opportunity to influence the spiritual life of an athlete. We take that privilege and responsibility seriously.


Good works - Athletics have and will continue to provide Sunrise students with a platform to glorify God and “shine as lights” for team mates, opponents, and spectators all over the globe.


Teamwork - contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Effort - pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Integrity - winning and losing with character does not come naturally! It has to be taught. Our desire is to partner with parents and mentor our young people through this process.


Health- developing habits of exercise while young that will promote a healthy lifestyle for years to come


To produce leaders of thought, character and faith through pursuing excellence in academia, athletics, and Jesus Christ.

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Student Life

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